Winchester Quantum Wifly PP

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A single concave from wide-point to tail is integrated with a double concave running along the inside edge of the tapered PFS beams. Designed to keep the board on rail, with better release for quicker directional changes.

The Trinity Concave features a double concave inside a single concave. The double concave sits inside the edge of the toed-in PFS beams. This means that the concave gets wider as it draws through from entry to exit. With the Quad Concave, the entry of the central double is the same width as the exit which results in exceptional hold, but can be “sticky” when you want the board to release for moves such as spins. The narrower to wide nature of the inside double on the Trinity releases flow pressure making spins and quick turn adjustments a lot easier to perform.The single rail to rail concave starts just forward of the wide-point and runs through to the tail. The single creates a stable planning surface at the front of the board then draws water flow along the rail/ hull improving edge control.



A more extreme version of the progressive WiFly V1 tail design, we moved the tips closer to the rail and incorporated the hydrodynamic flow from the Trinity Concave for more positive traction during bottom turns and lip drives. We also added more volume to the tail area by extending the tips. With this in mind the WiFly V2 is designed to be ridden 1/2” longer than your normal Crescent tail board length.

Deep V Tail
The more aggressive Deep V tail is designed for better release and works in conjunction with the Trinity Concave. In the testing phase we found that the Deep V removed a lot of volume from the tail area, so to compensate for the reduced volume we added 1/2” to length without changing nose, wide-point and tail widths. So if you ride a 41.5” in crescent tail you will ride a 42” in the WiFly V2.