V3 Stealth

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The V3 Stealth is based off the popularity of the V3-Rocket but built around a more traditional nose template. This design results in a board that blends V3-Rocket design with the quickness, performance and visuals of a standard shortboard. Technically, we added length and rocker to the nose, and pulled the forward outline in to more resemble a modern SB nose template. The tail has more pronounced, fluted wings and a more radical “Rocket” diamond at the end. The deeper wings add grip and control by reducing surface area. The flutes help the rail to permeate the surface, as well as reduce the rail volume, for more precise and surface permeating carving. The bottom still contains the V3’s relaxed centerline rocker, for glide and down the line drive, and a healthy amount of concave. The concave adds considerable lift, and creates a hyper curved rail rocker under the rear foot, allowing the surfer to turn freely and precisely when the board is rolled onto a rail.

The V3-Stealth offers high speed, wide tail glide for fat faced fun, combined with the ability for fast, vertical, precise pocket surfing...in even marginal conditions. Ride the V3-Stealth 1-2” longer than a stock V3-Rocket. Domestic dims for the bigger, more conservative surfer, or for surfers who want to ride this design shorter in length.
SIZE: 5'8'' x 19 1/4'' x 2 5/16''  27.5L
  • Drive & Speed 5/5
  • Wave height 1 - 6 feet
  • Mobility 4/5
  • Paddle power 4/5