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CORE: NRG CORE - the nrg core is composed of 1.4lb density polypropylene, the lightest core on the market. The NRG Core offers amazing recoil and is well suited for all temperature ranges.

PERFORMANCE: Superior Stringer System (SSS); Diamond Mesh; Deck Contours; Nose Bulbs; Graduated Channels; Nose & Tail Bumpers

DECK & RAILS: 8LB PE - the 8lb PE is the premier high performance deck skin that allows superior recoil and proven durability.

TAIL DESIGN: Crescent Tail - it's the standard and most uniform tail design. It allows the best all around functionality and performance in all types of conditions.

BOTTOM SKIN: Surlyn Slick - it's the most high performance slick on the market as it's reactive properties are perfect for bigger moves and smoother transitions.