Textile Wash Gore-Tex

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Practical set for washing and impregnation of sports and functional textiles in the washing machine. 

1x Textile Wash 250ml
Special washing agent for high quality sports and functional wear. "active dry" offers optimized climate regulation. Sportswear absorb moisture better and the body remains longer dry and warm. 

– Suitable for all membrane textiles, e.g. GORE-TEX®*
– Suitable for all synthetic fillings, e.g. Thinsulate, Thermolite, PrimaLoft
– Cares for elastic fabrics including Soft Shell, Fleece
– Cleans breathable sportswear smoothly and hygienically
– Optimizes acclimatization thanks to «active dry» additive
– No bleaching agents, brighteners or fillers
– Hygiene effect to avoid the formation of unpleasant smells

1x Wash Proof 250ml
The Holmenkol Wash Proof Impregnation is a wash-in waterproofing for sports and functional wear, for washing machine use.
– Ecological liquid waterproofing with a water basis
– Suitable for membrane fabric as it preserves their breath-ability
– Water and dirt repellent
– Gentle on colour
– Gentle heating in the dryer results in the waterproofing agent ensuring optimal water repellence