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Grab some air with Tech Deck, the real deal fingerboards featuring authentic graphics from real skate companies! The Play and Display case is the perfect place to store your mini skateboard collection of Tech Deck fingerboards. When you are ready to skate, the display case transforms into a funbox and ramp to learn and progress your tricks. Store up to 24 fingerboards (each sold separately) to take the action with you on the go.


With The Boards Still Intact, You Can Fold Out The Case To Convert To A Ramp With A Funbox And Rails To Jump And Grind! Skate The Ramp With The Included Exclusive Element Skateboards Fingerboard And Add To Your Mini Skateboard Collection. Tech Deck Fingerboards And Ramp Sets Are For Kids And Skate-Lovers Ages 6 And Up. If You Want Real Skate Graphics From Real Skate Companies, Then It Has Got To Be Tech Deck — Start Small, Go Big And Collect Them All! Carrying And Display Case: The Play And Display Case Is The Perfect Place To Store Your Mini Skateboard Collection Of Tech Deck Fingerboards. Store Up To 24 Fingerboards (Sold Separately) Inside To Take With You On The Go. Transforming Ramp Set: Transform From Display To Funbox With All Your Boards Still Intact. You Can Fold Out The Case To Convert To A Ramp With A Funbox And Rails To Jump And Grind! Exclusive Fingerboard: Skate The Ramp And Add To Your Finger Skateboard Collection With The Included Exclusive Elements Skateboards Fingerboard. Play And Display: Jump The Translucent Box And Grind All The Rails. Use It For Play And Display For Your Tech Deck Fingerboard Collection (Additional Fingerboards Sold Separately).


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