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The Super Macho is Capita’s first dedicated board for the big, the bad and the ugly. But even though this bad boy is made for hard charging riders who see the entire mountain as their personal playground, the Super Macho also works for handsome regular-sized guys with bigger boots. The design of Capita’s first dedicated wide board is inspired by two of Capita’s award-winning creations: The Black Snowboard Of Death and the NAS. The Super Macho integrates attributes of both boards: the progressive sidecut from the NAS and the Mountain FK camber line from The Black Snowboard Of Death. The result is a powerful shred stick that carves hard, floats incredibly in powder, and is ready to manhandle any terrain. Now blow dry your mullet, comb your ‘stache, get yourself a Canadian tuxedo and ride the 2015/16 Super Macho! Maximum party guaranteed!