PLC The Heartbreaker NRG+

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Since Pierre Louis arrived at our stable, he refuses to change two things: double white rails on signature boards and not fading off into the sunset. With each new clip and magazine release, the spearhead of our international team raises the bar with a constant refusal to blend in. This year’s Heartbreaker is no different. A constant refinement of his shape has allowed him to keep up (and beat) the worlds best, regardless on the location of the session. This series carries PLC’s straighter prone curve with a rolled pin crescent and 55/45 rails, giving the board unrivalled down the line speed and quick transition between turns and projection from the lip. The ultimate ride for the power surfer.

Core NRG+
Stiffeners 1x Carbon Fibre Stringer
Mesh No
Deck 8pcf NXL PE Deck Skin

Surlyn Slick Skin