Ocean & Earth Bat Outta Hell Soft 5'6''

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  • Looking to loosen up your soft board for this summer? The Bat Outta Hell Ezi-Rider 5'6" Quad will make those tiny days interesting. This festival inspired soft board is a collaboration between Ocean and Earth and Australian artist Jack Irvine⁠. With the versatile, all-round performance of the Ezi Rider shape, the quad fin set up adds extra responsiveness and speed.

    • Length: 5'6

    • Width: 21"

    • Thickness: 2 3/4"

    • Volume: 40L

    • Board Weight: 3.15 Kgs

    • Fins: 3 x 4.5" Soft PU

    • Fin Box: Thruster - Interchangeable Dual Tab

    • Rider Weight: <70k