Modom Surf Denim III

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Modom performance surfboard traction tail pad in brilliant 'Denim' colour way. Adaptable three piece featuring kick and archbar to keep the foot stable and in place. This tail pad is quick to place on the surfboard with it's great three piece design and universally appealing with it's moderate kick tail and arch bar. A really fresh new colour option in this clean 'Denim'. Modom's team includes modern styleester Craig Anderson of Haydenshapes fame and contemporary surfing legend Taj Burrow. Check out Taj's 'Stab In The Dark' film appearance for entertainment, surfboard enlightenment and sheer feel good factor. Check, well any of, Craig Anderson's video part's for schooling in smooth surfing and signature body English.

Modom’s diamond lock texture pattern, 3M adhesive backing with superior bond strength. Skived kick base for extra strength and adhesion.

All Modom's surf traction pads are packaged without plastic, in contemporary styled card. Which is 100% recyclable, so better for the environment. Each Modom piece looks excellent presented this way.

  • 3 Piece Tailpad - Contemporary performance design
  • Perfect for standard width or narrower tailed surfboards
  • Kick / 30mm
  • Width / 303mm
  • Length / 295mm
  • Arch / 6mm
  • Tread / Diamond Lock
  • Plastic free, recyclable packaging