Slater Designs LFT Houdini

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  • Making it easy to disappear and reappear in Hawaiian tubes, the Houdini is our new magic act for Hawaiian waves, or other locations, where controlled lines through racy barrels are a must.
  • The magic started in ‘18 between Wade and Kelly - and a year later it’s here, ready to sit alongside the No Brainer, FRK, and Cymatic.
  • The Houdini has been a staple under Kelly’s feet for the 2019 WSL season, with both big face gouges at Margaret’s and remarkable makes at Pipeline on its resume.
  • The bottom contour consists of a single to double with slight vee, in spite of its step-up frame, the Houdini has incredible acceleration and manoeuvrability.
  • The Houdini model sticks with Kelly’s previously proven formula for his personal step-ups: hiding volume under his chest for better paddling, but maintaining a tapered rail for sensitivity.
  • It’s available now in LFT, with five fin boxes for optionality.
  • Sizing :
  • 6′2″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 11/16″ - 32.7 L
  • 6′6″ x 20 1/4″ x 3″ - 39.9 L