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The ANIMAL PP HD is now the best value for money in the Pride Bodyboards' high-end range.

The HD Slick coupled with mesh, gives the Polypro Core + Carbon Stringer strength and durability. The mesh will also provide you board from creasing easily. 

This is not marketing hype… the kids a lunatic. Ladies & gentleman, we would like to introduce the latest Pro-sled in the Pride arsenal, THE ANIMAL by Lewy Finnegan. Originating from Australia’s West Coast, the array of waves available (anything from 2ft onshore metro to 20ft “the Right”) Lewy’s home conditions are highly volatile, his signature board needs to be capable to stand up at any moment

* Color combos are subject to change depending on season and region / *Cor aleatória, o produto seleccionado pode não corresponder à imagem exibida.

Core PP
Stiffeners 1x Carbon Fibre Stringer
Mesh No
Deck 8pcf NXL PE Deck Skin
Slick HD Slick Skin
Level Advanced,Expert
Temperature Temperate, Warm