Futures HS2 Thruster

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Futures Fins Hayden Shapes HS2 Thruster Surfboard Fin Set
HS2 Generation, 3 fin thruster set
Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)
Ride No 8.3 - speed generating, ideal for weaker surf and beach breaks.

The HS2 Generation Series of surfboard fins, designed by Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes, is a medium size Speed Generating fin with a Ride Number of 8.3. The latest in speed generating fins, the Gen Series features a V2 foil for fluidity and a unique blend of uni-directional carbon and fiberglass for a more stable flex pattern. Similar feel to Blackstix, but a bit more subtle for those just transitioning onto foiled fins.

Construction - Generation Series.
Generation fins combine the perfect blend of unique carbon & fiberglass layups to provide all the speed you need while maintaining an element of control.

Side Fins
Area 14.54
Height 4.45
Base 4.45
Foil V2
Centre Fin
Area 14.54
Height 4.45
Base 4.45