Firewire TB Moe

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Product Information

  • “When I started out designing the MOE mid-length range I wanted to have an easy ride and good paddling, while keep­ing good stability and support. The bottom is pretty flat with a dou­ble concave between your feet, a really good combination for carving turns in a wide board. Rails are not too thick, for sensitivity, and they transition from neu­tral round forward through round tucked edge to the fin area and low hard behind the fins. The rails are foiled from for­ward of center toward the tail, for drive through turns and good travel around white water sections. The rocker is pretty even like the HIHP and a 5fin FCS II setup makes this a great fun board / one quiv­er board for traveling in fun wave areas.”
  • 7’2” x 22” x 2 13/16” - 49.4L
  • 7’4”x 22 1/2” x 2 7/8” - 52.9L
  • 8’0” x 22 5/8” x 3 1/16” - 61.2L
  • Fin Setup: 5 Fin Setup (7’2” & 7’4”), 4 + 1 Fin System (8’0”)
  • Blank Construction: Thunderbolt Red