Duster Shorebreak

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Get low with the Dusters Shorebreak Longboard Complete. Putting you extremely close to the ground with its drop-down design, the Shorebreak is extremely stable at speeds and easy to push on flat ground. Paired with Slant 180 mm inverted trucks and large 72 mm wheels, The Dusters Shorebreak Longboard will handle anything you throw at it - from fast downhill bomb sessions to chill commutes.

Product Details


Drop-Down  The foot area on the board "drops" below the trucks, providing and extremely low center of gravity for a stable board that is easy to push.


Slant 180 mm inverted trucks with 54-degree angled hangers


72 mm x 56 mm 78A

Grip Tape

Inkjet printed high quality grip

Additional Features

Bearing Spacers  Eliminate bearing play inside the wheels

Debossed logo

1/8" Riser pads