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A soft and poppy deck that's perfect for unleashing your park skills on the entire mountain.

Park terrain or natural terrain, the men's Burton Descendant Snowboard has a true twin shape for freestyle punch that lets you ride either direction with equal control. Soft and playful, it also steps up stability and edge control with the catch-free, park-tuned feel of PurePop Camber. Squeezebox Low provides a softer flex that maintains snappiness and ollie power. The Channel® gives you ultimate control of your stance and the fastest setup possible in a system compatible with bindings from all major brands.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: Recovering a Jewel from the Palace of the Dragon King is an Edo Period, wood block print. It was created by Utagawa Kuniyoshi in 1853, and it lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Not only does it look awesome, but it harkens to the eternal journey (and sometimes struggle) of every animal’s cycle between life and death. Heady themes to be sure, but don’t worry, the Descendant’s capable of keeping it simple, too.



 PARK: 7/10    ALL MOUNTAIN: 8/10    POWDER: 4/10