Deeluxe Team ID KB LTD

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The Deeluxe Team ID in the Kevin Backstrom Edition 

The Team ID LTD is dedicated to the Deeluxe team riders and all those who share their passion. This limited edition boot comes with a double power strap and a custom colourway designed by Kevin Backstrom.
With extra heel hold, it guarantees exceptional board feel with full edge control.
Equipped with the L3 Lacing System - Deeluxe's most advanced and versatile speed lacing system - the Team ID guarantees best heel hold and exceptional board control. The particularly grippy Skate Flex sole also ensures an incomparable board feel.
To make the boot even better, Deeluxe have equipped it with the new Freestyle Tongue and Stage 3 Liner this year. Get the Team ID LTD and nothing can stop you.

Outer boot
The Backbone is a reinforcement on the back of the boot that provides durability, stability and regulates flex. The TPS Shield is available as an accessory and reinforces the tongue of the boot. This creates more support and a harder flex. The Skate Flex outsole offers a precise board feel in the forefoot and soft cushioning in the heel. Thermoblock is an insulating aluminium layer in the outer shell and guarantees warm feet. The Custom Flex construction allows you to adjust the responsiveness and hardness of the boot. The heel lacing keeps you securely in the boot.

The new Stage 3 liner combines the best fit straight out of the box and can also be quickly and easily adjusted to the contours of your foot at your favourite Deeluxe shop using the patented Deeluxe Thermo Custom Fitting technology. For that extra portion of comfort, the toe section of the Stage 3 liner is made from a pleasantly stretchy 4-way stretch material. To maximise your performance on the board, the liner is equipped with an external heel harness that gently wraps around the foot and ankle area for unique heel hold and a quick and secure closure. 

With the L3 lacing, fit, flex and comfort can be individually adjusted. The two handles allow you to quickly and precisely adjust the lacing in the ankle area as well as the upper and lower zones of the boot. Simply pull the handles upwards, snap them into place and you're done.