Capita Kazuy Kokubo Pro 157

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The 2022 CAPITA Kazu Kokubo Pro is the pro model snowboard of Kazuhiro Kokubo, one of the most celebrated, renowned, and respected snowboarders of the modern day.  Featuring traditional Japanese-inspired graphics, the simple yet effective wood grain topsheet catches the eye but doesn't distract you from the incredible performance that the board as a whole can provide. Breaking tradition of powder boards being big to be surfy, the Kazu has a compact frame with a powder nose and tapered tail, making it quick and manoeuvrable without losing the surfy, floaty feeling you crave in powder. Featuring high-end construction and a speedy Hyperdrive base, the Kazu delivers professional performance worthy of the worlds favourite rider. 

Rider Type: All Mountain and Powder

Camber Type: Alpine V2 Profile

The Alpine V2 Profile features lowered camber through the board with a reverse camber nose, which maintains the aggressive response and power of camber while providing maximum float and stability in powder. The camber runs deep into the tail on the Kazu which keeps the back of the board stable and powerful in all conditions.

Flex: 6.5/10 (Mid)

Stiff enough to plow through the powder and hold a strong edge, but soft enough to be forgiving when you need it.

Shape: Directional

This board is engineered for deep powder and all mountain versatility, featuring a radial sidecut complemented by a tapered tail. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in powder while the wide nose floats above the surface, giving you smooth flowing turns and an easy, surfy, floaty ride in powder.

Radical Taper

This board features a radial sidecut paired with a tapered tail. This narrower tail section sinks in powder while the wide nose floats above the snow, resulting in less work, more fun, and smooth arcing turns.

Core: FSC Certified Panda Core

The Panda Core was engineered with a focus on all-terrain technical freestyle riding. Featuring the same lightweight, poppy, smooth Poplar and Paulowia wood as Capitas Superlight P2 Core enhanced with inlaid bamboo power rods, this high-density core is strong enough to handle any kind of terrain while staying super light.

Amplitex V-Tech Amplifier - Amplitex is a natural Flax fibre woven with carbon strands, giving you the reactive energy of carbon with the lightweight dampening properties of Flax. These two fibres are placed in 4 x 25mm strips, working in unison to reinforce the board while flexing uniformly and remaining light, durable, and extra snappy.

HolySheet Fibreglass + Magic Bean Resin - HolySheet glass has a higher glass to weight ratio than normal fibreglass, giving you more stiffness with lower weight than a traditional layup. This is impregnated with a high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based resin that provides a powerful and dynamic ride that's better for the planet.

Base: Hyperdrive Base

This exclusively formulated sintered base is designed for the most depraved speed junkies, bar none. Ultra high molecular weight, ultra high density polyethylene, custom engineered with super secret special additives. That's a one way ticket to a face meltingly fast ride.

Additional Features:

Skinless Core Ash Woodgrain Topsheet - This board has a specially treated pure wood veneer topsheet with a unique tactile feel that is 220gm light than a standard topsheet.

  • Multitech level 4 DeepSpace silkscreen + Custom Stained Core Ash Topsheet
  • Sublimation base
  • 360 degree HRC48 steel edges
  • Full ABS1000 sidewalls
  • Stainless steel 4x2 inserts
  • 0.5" setback