Capita Defenders of Awesome 56 (usada)

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Here is the Defenders Of Awesome, also called DOA. A freestyle board that is not limited to the snowpark, equipped with a very playful flex that will allow you to stomp flawless tricks. As always with Capita, we find very neat graphics on this board, representing Lady Death whose posture evolves from one board to another, to offer an exclusive design for each board size. 

What can the Capita Defenders Of Awesome snowboard do? 

The Capita Defenders Of Awesome is an invite to shred, a technical and versatile board designed to stomp the most creative tricks all over the mountain. With this on your feet, feel free to send a big One Foot off a kicker, or hit groomers to take a stab at the latest carving trick. If you are rather in a powder mood, you can always find a spot full of pow to throw some butters! The DOA comes with a poplar and beech woodcore, lightweight and lively, reinforced with carbon, fibreglass and kevlar, to offer even more pop and playfulness. Thanks to a positive camber past insert for better hold on hard snow, and a reverse camber for more flotation, this board is highly versatile and manoeuvrable. Now, you have no more excuses for not ripping it all.  

Who is the Capita Defenders Of Awesome snowboard designed for? 

We recommend the Capita DOA to intermediate to advanced snowboarders who want a playful and technical board to make the most of the resort and boost kickers around the clock.

What are the main assets of the Capita Defenders Of Awesome snowboard?