Waterman Hood 5/4/3MM

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The Waterman is a prestigious title gifted only to those with an enviable skill set. The Waterman is in a class of his own and for good reason, a reason we wish to exemplify with a range deserving of the title.


  • 543 mm
  • Contour Fit
  • Liquid Barrier System + Drainage
  • SHIELD: Water Repel Technology
  • 100% (NKD) F3 Neoprene
  • 40% Internal Fireflex + 60% Flash Dry Thermal Lining
  • Strategically placed Hollow Core Hexaprene Panels for Warmth and Buoyancy
  • Thermo Skin on Chest and Back
  • GBS Stitch + Critical S-Seal
  • Cell Tape
  • Diamond Flex Kneepads
  • 3D Ink Logo’s
  • iD Badge